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Friday, May 15, 2015

All In One Keylogger FuLL Pre-Cracked by ishank

All In One Keylogger(Hacking tool)

FuLL Pre-Cracked by ishank

Download links by ishank ~

a software for spy detecting of your family, gf/bfs/

workers, co workers secret agent etc ~!!


I hereby the admin of this site do not hold any responsibility for illegal use of this software. For educational Purpose only.
I recommend you not to use it illegally in any way.







Applications and keystrokes Logging
Do they write letters in Word, use the email or maybe chatting is what they do all day?
That makes absolutely no difference to All In One Keylogger.
Our Keylogger can record all the applications running on your computer and the text typed in these applications.
This, combined with the visual record (screenshots) gives you full control over the computer.
Our Keylogger even enables clipboard logging (Ctrl-C).
Web Logging
Do your children spend a lot of hours a day surfing on the internet?
Do you ever wonder what they are doing there?
Do you want to know if your employees are spending their time surfing instead of doing their job?

Our keylogger can record all the web activity from your computer including visited web-pages, links, emails, chats.
This, combined with the visual (screenshots) and the keystroke record, gives you full control over the computer.
Chat Logging
Do your children spend a lot of hours a day Chating on the internet?
Do you ever wonder with whom they chat and what they chat about?
Do they take secret chat conversations with adult strangers?

All In One Keylogger records both sides of chat conversations of ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN, Miranda, QIP and various other Chat/IM programs.
Unlike other Keyloggers that monitor and record one side of the Chat conversation (Outgoing Messages), All In One Keylogger has a unique capability to capture both sides of the Chat conversation (Incoming & Outgoing Messages), which makes it a perfect Chat Logger/IM Logger as well.
Screenshot Logging
This feature completes all Textual/Chat logging features by bringing you the visual picture of your computer.
You can easily change the frequency of taking screenshots from your computer.
You can even configure it to take a screenshot on every mouse click.
This feature saves a lot of disk space by logging the most important events.
The shots taken are saved in JPG format to save your disk space.
You can also set the quality of the pictures taken.
It can even capture the mouse cursor and support dual monitor!
Microphone Logging
All In One Keylogger can be used as an audio surveillance tool.
It monitors and records sounds in your room via your computer microphone.
This especially needed since you can monitor chats conversations made using the microphone, and listen to any activity in your room.
You can configure the keylogger to start recording only when the sound level is above a defined threshold, so that disk space and time will be conserved by not wasting recording/listening time when nobody is actually talking.
This feature is usually sold as a sole product!,now you can get it included with our keylogger.
Printer Logging
All In One Keylogger can capture the names of the printed documents which are sent to the default printer.
Monitor user Idle Time (System Inactivity)
All In One Keylogger can calculate user's Idle (inactivity) time.
This allows you to know how much time exactly computer was in Idle state.
HTML Report
All In One keylogger can generate HTML reports for later view.
It even allows you to create filtered reports.
Log Viewer
Very sophisticated Log files Manager.
Allows you to view, browse, delete, sort and filter your log files.
It allows you to view logs by dates and even the entire log.
You can set the viewer to marks only the dates when log was generated.
You can also look for specific words in a log file.

Log file basically contains Textual log, Web log, Chat Log, Visual log and Audio log.
In order to save disk space you can configure the software to automatically delete old Log files. You can also view the captured screenshots as a "Slide Show"
Send Log by e-Mail
Thinking about going away from home for a couple of weeks and afraid of losing control over your computer?
All In One Keylogger brings a solution: Sending logs by e-mail. In order to save hard drive space you can specify if you wish to delete the sent logs from your HD.
In addition to the standard email delivery using port 25, Keylogger also supports SSL-TLS & STARTTLS secured connection which allows Keylogger to work with SMTP's that requires secured connection like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN LIVE, AOL etc.
Upload Log by FTP
Thinking about going away from home for a couple of weeks and afraid of losing control over your computer?
All In One Keylogger brings a solution: Uploading logs by FTP. In order to save hard drive space you can specify if you wish to delete the Uploaded logs from your HD.
Send Log by LAN
Have few computers on your organization/home Network?
All In One Keylogger brings a solution: Sending logs to a Network Folder.
You can even set the User & Password for the Remote Network Folder and the Keylogger
will make the required authentication to acquire the access to that folder.
In order to save hard drive space you can specify if you wish to delete the sent logs from your HD.
Flush Logs to a USB Flash Drive
Wants to read the logs on another computer without using the Email/FTP/Lan sending options?
All In One Keylogger brings a solution: Flush the logs to a USB Flash Drive.
You can set the keylogger to Stealthily copy the logs to your USB stick whenever it is plugged in. With this powerful feature, you will be able to "take" the logs from the monitored computer and to view them on another computer only by plugging the adjusted USB stick.
(The Keylogger will copy the logs only to a USB flash drive that you configured - i.e. the 'adjusted USB stick').
Logs sending (by email/FTP/LAN) based on keywords triggering
In addition to the auto sending of logs according to the interval you set, All In One Keylogger lets you to define a keywords list.
When one of these keywords is typed, Keylogger automatically sends the logs to the specified email address/FTP server/Network Folder, regardless to the sending interval you have set.
You can also set the 'Sending Delay', i.e. how much time after keyword is typed Keylogger should send the logs.
Disable Anti-Keylogger Softwares
All In One Keylogger will shutdown pre-defined anti-keylogger softwares,
then will monitor and prevent loading these pre-defined anti-keylogger softwares.
Disable Unwanted Softwares
All In One Keylogger will shutdown user defined, unwanted softwares,
then will monitor and prevent loading these unwanted softwares.
Block Unwanted URLs
All In One Keylogger will block the access to sites you define. All you need to do is to set the URL or part of it in the URLs blocked list.
Filter Monitored User Accounts
All In One Keylogger allows you to specify users accounts you want or don't want it to monitor.
Filter application monitoring
All In One Keylogger allows you to specify the programs you want you don't want it to monitor.
Log files Encryption
All your log files are encrypted to ensure your privacy, which is especially needed since you can send them by E-Mail. You can read this file only by typing your password.
Key Logging View Privacy Features screenshot Privacy Features
All In One Key logger is completely invisible. You can configure it not to be listed in Task Manager and to Hide its folder.
You can also configure it not to be listed in Windows Task Bar, System Tray, MSConfig
(Startup entry), Uninstall list (Add/Remove programs) And start menu.
Key Logging View Password Protection screenshot Password Protection
Our Keylogger has password protection to prevent others from changing your configurations or viewing the log files. After configuring and starting the program, you can activate All In One Keylogger simply by typing your password, and it doesn't matter in what application you are working with. Just type the password and our Keylogger will be right there.
German Keylogger, French Keylogger, Portuguese Keylogger, Dutch Key logger, Czech Key Logger, Italian Keylogger, Spanish Keylogger, Swedish Keylogger, Turkish Keylogger, Norwegian Keylogger Multilanguage - Localized Keylogger
Keylogger has a built-in German (Deutsch) Translation, French (Francais) Translation, Dutch (Nederlands) Translation, Italian (Italiano) Translation, Spanish (Espanol) Translation, Portuguese (Portugues) Translation, Swedish Translation (Svensk), Norwegian Translation (Norske), Turkish Translation (Türkçe), Czech (Cestina) Translation - More will come in the future.
German Keylogger, French Keylogger, Portuguese Keylogger, Dutch Key logger, Czech Key Logger, Italian Keylogger, Spanish Keylogger, Swedish Keylogger OS Support
Our Keylogger supports all modern Windows Platforms including Windows 98, Me, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit). Know that most Keyloggers do not have full support for Windows Vista/Win7/Win8 and only a few of them have full support for 64bit OS.



  Read carefully what is written below then download it!!

step1- After downloading this file, You will get a file "hjnwaey"

step2-  copy that "hjnwaey" and paste it into C:\Program Files\Vzimqkewwbcow (replace it)

step3- now open "keygen by ishank.tk"

step4- it will ask you hw code. i have provided it also there. just enter that code

step5- registration details will be generated! give it when asked.

step6- it will become full version ! if it did not worked, that means you did not read these all steps carefully!

Read once again carefully.... then comment your problem!



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Rghost link  or  Zippyshare link   


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direct wap link


direct wap link2


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  1. i downloaded crack were placed in the system?????


  3. Hello Admin.. I have downloaded the All in one keylogger and installed it.. but at the time of registration i followed steps u have written.. but i m getting registration error... It says tht
    "That Name/Code combination is not valid.. Please try again by using copy and paste.."
    Now what to Do?
    Please give me solution

    1. @ANOYMOUS.. BEFORE REGISTRATION,, copy that "hjnwaey" file i hav given to you. and paste it into C:\Program Files\Vzimqkewwbcow (replace it)
      & then do the registration by using keygen !!
      hey !! and dont forget to type your hw code in my keygen

  4. Dear Admin... sorry 4 disturbing u..but i still having problem..
    I m using Windows 8 n trying to install it but after installation.. i m getting some "memory initialization" errors.. which cant b abort.. but installation gets completed.. nd after tht i have try to register(crack) the software as u have told replace hjnwaey file.. but still same error coming tht "That Name/Code combination is not valid.. Please try again by using copy and paste.."
    is there any way to resolve..???

    1. first of all i never get disturbed because ur comments are genuine ! you help me to improve my cracking methodology !!
      anyways comiming to the topic ,, use it in windows 7~!!! because this keylogger was manufactured before windows 8 release !!

  5. hi admin i am not able to get exact download link please provide it to me.


    1. @rishikesh click on the top right corner at sKip ad !

  6. I try to download the file and it says that it was impossible to read the origin file (forgive my bad english, but I just talk a little bit english)

    1. i have updated !! check it now !!

  7. Direct link is not working. It is showing Failed Network Error. Can you give me the Facebook link by which i can download this cracked software.

    1. I have downloaded it by direct link.
      Now the problem i am getting is that in c drive there is no any VZIMQKEWWBCOW file or folder. Now what should i do?

    2. @retrieve data- Admin here ! Dont worry just see at the top (i mean address bar)

      you will see something like this over there.



      instead of (star * mark) you type yourself that folder name which you are unable to find.

  8. Hi, thanks for giving download link. After downloading, i have to click on "A.I.O Keylogger setup.exe". Then i have to replace with "hjnwaey.exe" file. right???. if wrong please suggest me. Because in your installation procedure, you mentioned "COPY THAT "HJNWAEY" AND PASTE IT INTO C:\PROGRAM FILES\VZIMQKEWWBCOW (REPLACE IT)". i didnot understand that point. with out installing, how can we replace?. please suggest on this.

    1. @sasi Admin here ! Thanks for your meaningful comment.
      Yes, you are right.
      First you should click on aio setup.exe
      then you have to replace with that file placed on c drive

    2. @sasi sorry , i have missed a step . First of all install the "all in one keylogger setup.exe" THEN FURTHER FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN ABOVE.

  9. I have downloaded and installed AIO in my sys...but i could not find any file called "HJNWAEY" in programfiles to replace instead i got "WOSAV.EXE" in programfiles .Any how i have copied from download file and copied in to program files as you said . Then i have followed your instructions though it did not work for me...could you help .

    1. @kgraman dont worry bro just rename the crack into the name as written on .exe file placed inside program files.
      This happens because during installation for every system new name is generated

  10. C:\Program Files\Mrikstsgxaqco is the installation path.....and there is only file named qafwygh instead of HJNWAEY...so get this cracked...i need it

    1. @anoymous just rename that crack file into the name of .exe file inside that installation path

    2. When name of the file will be same, Then automatically your system will ask you that - File name already exists. Do you want to replace the existing one? Say yes!!

  11. did u really put on the wrong crack file just to waste my time ????

    1. No. admin has wasted his time to provide you something for free. Please try to coperate

    2. the crack is working super fine...
      there is no problem with that....

  12. this keylogger is pretty cool... its working fine...
    the only problem i hav is that it is being detected by the antivirus and the keylogger doesn't start up automatically when I restart my system...
    even the "HJNWAEY" file gets deleted
    HELP ME!!!

  13. Thanks ! had used this before 4 years ago. was looking around for a new installer as i lost the old one and this one works fine on my new pc!

  14. hi thank you for all in one keylogger,I had trial version my free trial expired I tried to install this cracked version I could not install do I need to uninstall trial version


  16. ..admin..i think it will be better if you will upload a video tutorial on youtube.com so that the instructions will be clear and more understandable..thank you..its only a suggestion.^

  17. it worked great thanks bro

  18. Use 3rd alternative link given there !! Why to worry when 3rd link is alive.

  19. it worked thaaanks !

  20. lol that was fun. still works 2015 read the comments n follow directions